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We are excited to share the message of God’s grace with the world.  Oceans of Grace Online Church is our opportunity to bring the gospel to your home.  We use several avenues to get Pastor Vic’s messages to you.  Our main resources are the daily Truth Nuggets, the VPM Blog and our Facebook posts.

This is your opportunity to become an active member of our online community!


Truth Nuggets are Pastor Vic’s daily inspirational teaching.  These powerful emails are a great way to begin your day.  Pastor Vic’s emails arrive in your mail box early in the morning and are waiting for you as your getting ready to take on the challenges that each day brings.


Oceans of Grace Online Church wants to make a lasting difference in your life.   We want you to be a part of everything that were doing as a ministry.  The VPM Blog is a great way to stay connected with Pastor Vic as he travels the country and continues to see lives changed through the Institute of Self-Worth.

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