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Vic Porter Ministries is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation with two ministry outreaches.  The Institute of Self-Worth® offers a Bible School on DVD as well as other teaching and discipleship materials.  Oceans of Grace web church brings a daily devotional thought that goes out through the internet and provides online access to the lessons from ISW.

The goal of these outreaches is to establish the principles of grace and faith in the hearts of believers around the world by showing each individual that self-worth is based in our identity in Christ and our God given value and worth comes through accepting what Jesus has done not through our own performance.  To this end we use the ISW Bible School Curriculum on DVD and CD, the book,” Borrowed offenses, ” the internet, and live seminars.

Pastor Vic Porter

Vic Porter was born and raised in southwest Missouri.  He attended business school and college then entered the business world.  He was born again at age 20 and began a pursuit of the Word of  God after being introduced to the power of the Holy Spirit four years later.  He left the business world to attend Bible College and went on to pastor and start five churches in Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas.  He is the author of the book “Borrowed Offenses.”  He has pastored and traveled ministering the practical Word of God for over 35 years.  His ability to paint pictures with words allows his teaching to be easily received.

In 2003 he began a Bible study with inmates at the Ozark Correctional Center in Fordland, MO.  Out of this Bible study “The institute of Self-Worth® A Curriculum for Life” was developed.  His passion became a reality when he completed the Bible school on DVD and began to  place it in prisons.  It is now in over 3700 locations in all 50 states and in 100 countries.  Over 170,000 offenders have been born again.  ISW is reaching people in prisons, jails, halfway houses, rehab centers, Indian reservations, homeless, veterans’, and women’s shelters, mental health facilities, the trucking industry, businesses, churches, and Bible schools.  Partners of the ministry make the curriculum available for prisons at no charge to the facility.

Vic and his wife, Robin, have been married 42 years and have three children and three grandchildren.  They currently make their home in Missouri.